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Seeds. Are. Life.

We enjoy seeds. We enjoy sending seeds to those in need. If you need seeds, we want to send them to you. Our owner and operator Fredrick Boognishka began his journey into seed-world, where he soon cultivated a confident supply of those little buggers. After dishing out seed bags to his closest friends he realized the opportunity to distribute was within his sights. Fast-forward 10 years later and Seeds Direct is up and running! Collaborating with his best friend Emiliano allowed Fredrick the freedom to focus on the logistics of ramping up production. As an online vendor Seeds Direct can circumvent the red tape to get you the freshest seeds at the lowest prices.

Fredrick in the garden

Join us as we celebrate seeds the only way we know how: by selling them bulk to the masses! Grow petunias and apple trees and cacti without the worries of getting screwed over by Big Seed. If centuries of seed slinging have taught us anything, it’s that you can’t judge a seed by its husk. Just take that seed and chuck it in the ground. Pray for rain and mythical sounds. If you need to reach us, feel free to send us an email through our contact page.